Get in To Cherupushpa's Academic

The Academic Year starts in June and ends in March. All public holidays are holidays for the school. Termly holidays are given during declared dates. Please see the Calendar Section for details.



  Daily dictation of ten words during the home rule period.

  There will be monthly test, other than regular tests. LKG and UKG will have only three examinations.

  For Std X & XII, there are weekly tests on Fridays/Saturdays

  Please refer to the Calendar Section for the dates of each examination and the dates on which Progress Reports are issued to the students.

  Each Termly Examination will be based on the portions taught till that examination from the beginning of the Academic Year. The portion taught during the whole year will be included in the final examination. The portions will be given to students before the examinations.

  The Model Examination for std XII & X will be based on the complete syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE Board. The Annual Examination of Std XI and IX CBSE will be based on the Syllabus prescribed by the Board. The model and annual examination for Std. IX-XII will be based on the syllabus prescribed by CBSE board.

  Parents are advised to watch the progress of their children very closely, consult the teachers and take their advice whenever necessary.

  The answer papers of all examinations (except the final exam) will be sent to the parents for their scrutiny, signature and return. This provides the opportunity for parents to monitor the performance of their children.

  Suitable changes in the mode and pattern of examinations will be made when found necessary. Such changes will be intimated to the students in advance.

  The students are strictly forbidden to borrow any writing or stationary articles from other students in the examination hall.

  Copying in the examination hall is strictly prohibited and is punishable