Boy's Hostel

The hostel is run by Bethany Ashram, Chunakkara. We admit students from Class V onwards in the hostel. Special attention is given for self-learning. The hostel is provided with all the modern amenities. The rooms are furnished with separate beds, cupboards, and study tables for each student. A separate study hall is also provided for self-study and preparation. There is a dedicated housekeeping department that ensures the cleanliness of the hostel.

We aim toward the spiritual, intellectual, mental, physical, and characteristic development of the students keeping in mind to provide them with a homely atmosphere. Friendly, happy, and spiritual relationships foster among the students. We seek to bring out the hidden talents of students and make them better citizens for tomorrow.


  Students from Class VI to XII can apply for admission.

  Students who seek admission to the hostel should apply for it in the prescribed form available at the school office.

 The Principal who is the ex officio in charge of the Hostel reserves the right to grant or refuse admission.

 Students must meet the Principal/ Director with their parents on the day of admission.

 Application is to be submitted by the parent/guardian to the Hostel Director.

Some Directions for the Parents/Guardians

  Permission of the Director is required to meet the students by the visitors.

 Students are allowed to go home only on second Saturdays and common vacation time

 The parents or guardians can call the students on the allotted day and time.

 The visitors are allowed on the fourth Sunday of every month between 2 – 5 pm.

 Parents are expected to come to the hostel at least once in a couple of months and enquire about the student’s overall progress and development.

 If the rules and regulations are violated, the student is liable to be dismissed from the Hostel and the School.

Disciplinary Action

The students will be dismissed from the boarding based on the report of indiscipline such as

  Stealing, ragging, malpractices, smoking, drinking;

  Disrespect to boarding / School authorities;

  Involvement in any activity which affects the reputation of the Boarding, School, and the students

Rules and Code of Conduct

 The Director has the right to suspend or dismiss a student even without prior notice. Any serious violation of discipline in the Hostel is considered a violation of School discipline and vice versa.

  The decision of the Director will be final.

  Students must keep silent during study time.

  Students must attend classes regularly and take the tests and exams seriously.

  Senior students shall consider themselves as mature and responsible and thereby set a model to the juniors.

  Personality development and career awareness programs are conducted by eminent people every month.

  Catholic students have Sunday school, Monthly recollection and confession conducted by the Fathers.

  Four different newspapers are available in the hostel

 Medical report of students must be submitted to the Director at the time of admission. Students who feel any kind of illness must inform the Director or the Warden. If urgent treatment is required, they will be taken to hospital by the authorities.

  HEALTHY MEALS EQUAL HEALTHY MINDS, and as the caretakers of young minds we have a duty to ensure that the nutritional needs of all students are being met right alongside their educational requirements. The hostel management provides quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for the students. The Canteen is maintained by a professional cook.

  Students must wash by the students themselves.

  The students can participate in various games like Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Carroms, Chess etc. Separate shoes are required for outdoor games.

 Every month there is a common birthday celebration. Festivals like Onam, Christmas, and New Year etc. are celebrated. Hostel Day is celebrated once a year and the hostel organizes a one-day picnic.