School Library

We have an exclusive school library with three sections.

  Fr. Norbert OIC Memorial Senior Library, Office Block (Accessed for V – XII Students)

  Cherupushpa Junior Library, Jubilee Block (Accessed for I – IV Students)

  Cherubs Library – KG Section (Accessed for KG Students only)

The library has more than 20000 volumes of books and more than 15 standard periodicals; The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopedias, dictionaries and standard reference books including the question banks on almost all topics at the school level. Separate reading hours are allotted for students that helps them to foster their reading habits.


  All the members of the staff and students are expected to use the school library regularly.

  Students may borrow one or two book/s at a time, retain it for a week and it can be renewed for one more week. The librarian may call for a book at any time from a borrower.

  Examine the book while borrowing and report to the librarian if there is any damage, missing pages or pictures before leaving the library.

  Books borrowed from the library should be kept neat. Avoid marking, underlining or scribbling of books.

  The person in whose name the library card is issued will be held responsible for the books drawn thereon.

  A fine of Rupee 2/- per day will be charged for the late returning of books.

  If the book is lost, damaged or defaced, the defaulter concerned will have to pay a fine upto double the cost of the book. In case of any dispute, the principal’s decision shall be final.

 Reference books and the question banks shall not be taken out of the library.

  All library books and cards should be returned before the end of February every year. Clearance from the library is required for applying for Transfer Certificate.

  PHOTOCOPYING Facility is provided in the library as annexure. Those who wish to avail themselves of the above facilities will have to pay separately for each facility.