Eleven School buses run to different parts from the school. Information regarding bus routes and stops can be collected from the school office. The students can travel by the school bus only after remitting the bus fees for the whole year and obtaining the Bus Card from the School office. However, it can be paid in installments on the due dates. Failure in remittance will be fined Rs. 20/- per month. For further information, please contact Fr. Bursar at his office.

Note the following points as safety measures

  Guardians should ensure that children board the bus safely and are taken back on their return

  Students who travel by School bus should always carry the Journey Card with them

  The school bags should be soft and secure enough to be taken on the bus

  Get into the bus in a queue. Follow the instructions given by the Bus Staff and the Bus Guides

 Offer your seat to someone who, you think, needs it more than you

  While traveling, do not put your hands or head out of the bus

  Observe all safety rules, maintain discipline and reasonable silence while traveling

 All those who use school bus should submit the ‘Bus Form’ available in the school

For further details, please check the school diary